Domestic abuse, rape and violence are prevalent in our society, made worse by the code of silence. But there is a way out.

Come for a Rise & Shine workshop and watch your self-confidence soar! Rediscover yourself in a safe space thanks to our literacy skills and specially designed projects

Rise & Shine is a mentoring group that will meet you at the point of your need. Whether you’re standing on your own for the first time, or have been a long-term survivor of abuse, we’re here to empower, support and develop you to your most beautiful self.

Recognise that it is not your fault


Recognise that you are not alone

Literacy skills to forge ahead

Be great! Go forth and shine!

About Us

Rise and Shine is a not-for-profit organisation set up to mentor and empower women who have suffered domestic abuse, rape and violence. Our focus is on Afro-Caribbean women who are living in isolation in Medway,Kent.

Our organisation works hard to strip the layers of self-doubt and low self-esteem that comes from a culture of victim-shaming, patriarchy and misogyny. Meeting with other women who have lived through similar experiences and are at various stages of the survival and adjustment process is key to achieving self-confidence once again, and becoming greater than your former self!

Next, we teach core literacy skills to prepare you for the outside world.

Self-confidence - how to grow stronger daily.

Resilience, strength, and firmness in the face of a returning or new abuser.

Digging deep to find the true you - your passions, your skills, your untapped resources.

Building a network of friends, helpers, SURVIVORS!

Connecting you to resources that will help with future independence - degree, certificate, skills or volunteer work.

I no longer have illusions that Steve loved me. I am no longer trying to make sense of his behaviour. I am just happy that I was able to break free and find myself again thanks to the Rise and Shine Project!”

“It’s been almost a decade and I am still not comfortable talking about what happened to me. He said he paid my bride price and he owned me. I’m proud to say that I am free today and NOBODY owns me. Thank you, Rise & Shine! Thank you!”

“I love meeting these women right at the start of their healing journey so I can hug them and help them through it. It’s great to be able to say “Hey! I was right where you are and look at me now! You’ll be just fine. I give them my number and tell them to call me any time of the day or night. I know how it can be.”

“I used to feel so dirty, so ashamed! I thought I had made him act that way towards me. Everyone always said that a wise woman makes her home but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. So I thought if the marriage was failing, it was my fault. I am coming to terms with the fact that it takes two to make a marriage and love does not hurt. I’m doing so much better, and these meetings ensure that I don’t sink back to that place of self doubt. Thank you, Tricia for your help and kind words!”

“Rise & Shine Project got me out the house! You guys gave me something to look forward to! I went from becoming a hermit to having a social calendar with my survivor ladies – I love coming to these meetings!”

“I suffered abuse in an arranged marriage. I wish to thank the Rise & Shine for letting me tell my story.”

“My favourite part of the workshops is the written tasks. At first, they seem so trivial and light, but they force you to think, to be introspective, and come to your own truths. Through these classes, I have discovered who I am once again. Than you!”

“We had our good times but once we were married, he just wanted to control me and stifled my voice. Coming to these programmes has given me my assertiveness back!”

“I didn’t even want to come here, but a friend who knows my story insisted that I came, and now I’m glad I did! By the end of the day, some of the ladies and I were chatting like old friends. This has been such an amazing, freeing experience – thank you!”

“He thought bringing me here to the UK would separate me from my family, but instead I found a wonderful family!!!”

“I have left him and have gone back a couple of times, so these workshops and support networks are very important for me to stay strong and never go back.”

“I came apprehensive because I didn’t want to be in the spotlight, but the hours flew by. This is a wonderful project for us women!”

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